CD Songs Composed by H.R.H. Prince Paribatra

               In commemoration of H.R.H. Prince Paribatra's birthday, on June 29, 2001, the Chumbhot - Pantip Foundation has received royal patronage from H.R.H. Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn, the Crown Princess of Thailand, to celebrate the special occasion. It was 20 years ago when H.R.H. Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn worked to bring the music back to life and delivering it to the public, by recording the original in a studio laboratory and re-mixed it again with the new digital technique for the first compilation CD of Thai classical songs and scores.

The commemorative CD set, celebrating the 120 th birthday of H.R.H. Prince Paribatra, the Father of Thai Classical Music is composed of 5 CD, containing memorable songs, such as Phlieng Krob Chakkrawan Tao, Baung Roy Tao, Kheak Mon Bang Khunbrom Tao. These scores were played by the Military Band of the Police Department, Royal Military Band of the Royal Thai Navy, Royal Military Band of the Royal Thai Army, the Pattayakosol Pipat Ensemble and the Pattayarat Pipat Ensemble. This CD set is produced in very limited quantities, and will be highly treasured collector's items, as only 2,000 copies will be produced. Also included in this CD set are each score's notes and the history of each band that played them in the past, for future reference of those interested in Thai classical songs.

The first CD album and scores of His Royal Highness Prince Paribatra
on the occasion of Prince Paribatra’s 120th anniversary.

1 album of "The 120th Anniversary of Prince Paribatra" comprises of 5 individual CDs of

  • Disc I Pattayakosol Grand Pipat Ensemble :

- Hoamroang Preseban Sam-Chan -Instrumental

    • Ah-Tan Tao
    • Khaek Mon Bangkhunprom Tao
    • Khaek Sai Tao -Instrumental
  • Disc II Pattayarat Grand Pipat Ensemble :
    • Surang Chamrieng Tao
    • Apsorn Sam-Ang Tao
    • Khruan-Ha Tao
    • Jeen Lan Tan Sam-Chan -Instrumental
  • Disc III The Royal Thai Navy Military Band :
    • Bulan Chok Muay Tao
    • Puangroy Tao
  • Disc IV The Royal Thai Army Military Band :
    • Khaek Sarai Tao
    • Ta-yoy Nork Sam-Chan
  • Disc V The Royal Thai Police Military Band :
    • Khrob Chakkrawan Tao
    • Ta-yoy Nai Tao

CD Album of H.R.H. Prince Paribatra costs 1,499 Baht Each Set.

Music Score of H.R.H. Prince Paribatra’s Compositions :

  • The Royal Thai Navy Military Band

Bulan Chok Muay Tao 280 Baht Each Book.
Puangroy Tao 250 Baht Each Book

  • The Royal Thai Army Military Band

Khaek Sarai Tao 250 Baht Each Book
Ta-yoy Nork Sam-Chan 390 Baht Each Book

  • The RoyalThai Police Military Band

Khrob Chakkrawan Tao 330 Baht Each Book
Ta-yoy Nai Tao 390 Baht Each Book

Special price! for the whole set (6bks) costs 1,890 Baht Each Set

For more informations, please contact Public relations, the Chumbhot-Pantip Foundation :
Tel (662) 2461775-6, (662) 245-2852 # 225

 Once again by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s gracious permission, the Chumbhot-Pantip Foundation has also published the musical scores for these compositions. All proceeds from the sale of both the CDs and the scores will go to “The Prince Paribatra Music Fund,” established to promote Thai music and musicians.







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